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Buy Quality Nissan Navara Parts Online From KS International

Tuesday, 20 September 2016 07:11:34 Europe/London

If you are searching for high-quality Nissan Navara parts, you have come to the right place. At KS International Limited, we have a wide range of genuine Nissan Navara parts as well as aftermarket Nissan Navara parts that you can buy online and get them right at your doorstep no matter where you live.

Nissan Navara is a wonderful pickup truck, strong and powerful. It has a reasonable fuel economy and offers exceptional comfort and driving experience. Owing to its excellent performance, Nissan Navara has become quite popular in Europe, Asia, America, and even in Australia. Despite being an amazing vehicle, Nissan Navara, like any pickup trucks from other manufacturers, needs replacement of certain parts and accessories due to common wear and tear or damage because of mishaps.

Fortunately, at KS International Limited, we have quality Nissan Navara parts and accessories for you that you can use to replace the worn or damaged components in your truck. You can conveniently and securely buy the Nissan Navara parts and accessories online from our site. A worldwide delivery facility is available, so you can procure your Nissan parts and accessories easily no matter in which country you live.

Check out some of the original Nissan Navara parts and accessories as well as aftermarket Nissan Navara parts and accessories that we have for you to purchase online.

Nissan Navara Transmission Parts


Front Propeller Shaft



Read Propeller Shaft Assembly



Propeller Shaft Universal Joint (Front)

Propeller Shaft Universal Joint (Rear)


Nissan Navara Engine Parts


Engine Cylinder Head Bare

Engine Cam / Timing Chain Kit with Gears



Engine Head Set Gasket

Engine Cylinder Head Bolt Set


Nissan Navara Engine Electrics





Starter Motor


Nissan Navara Lights


Head Lamp L/H – Xenon

Head Lamp R/H – Xenon


Tail Lamp L/H

Tail Lamp R/H


 Nissan Navara Suspension Parts


Front Shock Absorber – Heavy Duty (Nitro Gas)

Rear Shock Absorber – Heavy Duty (Nitro Gas)



Aftermarket Stabilizer Kit


Nissan Navara Brake Parts


Brake Caliper Front L/H

Brake Caliper Front R/H



Brake Pad Set Front

Brake Shoe Set Rear


Apart from these, we stock and sell various other Nissan Navara parts online for different models. To explore and buy Nissan Navara parts online, click here.

Apart from Nissan 4x4 parts, we also sell Isuzu 4x4 parts, Mitsubishi 4x4 parts, Toyota 4x4 parts, Mazda 4x4 parts, Daihatsu 4x4 parts, and Ford Ranger parts online. Toyota Dyna truck parts, Hino truck parts, Mitsubishi Fuso truck parts, and Isuzu truck parts are also available from our online store. Should you need original Subaru Impreza parts, Subaru Legacy parts, or Subaru Forester parts, then they are also available on our site. Just head to our homepage to see what Japanese 4x4 parts and accessories we sell online.

Have any questions about our Japanese 4x4 parts and accessories? Just write to us at [email protected] or call us on +44 (0)20 8842 7567. We will be happy to answer to all your queries.

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Nissan 4x4 Parts & Their Remarkable Parts

Wednesday, 10 August 2016 12:09:33 Europe/London

Nissan 4x4 trucks and their respective Nissan 4x4 parts are cleverly designed and made for tough off-roading or severely demanding work. Nissan 4x4 vehicles have the capacity to pull light cargos, tug other light-weight vehicles, carry heavy loads, and easily drive through the rough terrains where endurance and power of the truck are actually put to the test.


Nissan 4x4 trucks can do almost anything that you want to accomplish, and they can actually prove to be exceptional off-road vehicles. With robust built and beautiful looks, excellent reliability and drivability are the noteworthy features of Nissan 4x4 trucks. The Nissan 4x4 parts, which are exceptionally versatile and efficient, largely factor towards the supreme performance of the Nissan 4x4 trucks. Overall, Nissan 4x4 trucks are incredible machines to drive, both on the road and off the road.

The Nissan 4x4 parts are designed and engineered masterfully in order to enhance the already powerful performance of the truck. With the robust Nissan 4x4 parts, your truck can do the pulling, dragging, and hauling of the heavy cargos in a very easy way. Therefore, on your off-road adventure to some difficult outback, you will certainly have the most exhilarating experience as the Nissan 4x4 parts have the most solid performance to withstand even the trickiest landscapes.

Nissan 4x4 suspension parts offer the adequate supporting forces, which the truck needs when driving through coarse terrains. To enhance the horsepower, torque, and fuel economy, there are excellent aftermarket and genuine Nissan 4x4 engine parts and filters (oil, air, and fuel) available. Apart from these Nissan 4x4 parts, there are exhaust kits, clutch kits, brake parts, body panels, steering assembly, and other parts available, which enhance the overall performance of your vehicle and make it safe to drive.

All the Nissan 4x4 parts are meticulously designed to keep up with the already superior quality of the truck. The Nissan 4x4 engine parts and transmission parts enhance the horsepower, torque, and performance; the aftermarket Nissan load helper kits improve the payload and towing capacity; the aftermarket and original filters help improve the fuel economy; the sturdy Nissan 4x4 body parts increase the truck’s safety.

If you are in the market to buy Nissan 4x4 parts, be sure that your first preference is original parts. Unlike aftermarket Nissan 4x4 parts, original Nissan 4x4 parts fit well, function smoothly, and last longer. Therefore, search for a reliable Japanese 4x4 parts and accessories dealer in your locality and purchase high-quality parts from them. On the other hand, you also have the option to buy Nissan 4x4 parts online from many reputable stockists. Most reliable stockists, selling Japanese 4x4 parts and accessories online, have good logistics in place, which ensure safe and efficient delivery of the parts and accessories to any part of the world.

Can’t find the right Nissan 4x4 parts for your Nissan Navara, Pathfinder, Patrol, X-Trail, Terrano, or Qashqai? Just click on this link here.

When in need of Nissan 4x4 parts, UK residents come to us, KS International Ltd. We are the largest independent stockist of Nissan 4x4 parts in the UK, and we sell high-quality Nissan Pathfinder parts, Nissan Patrol parts, Nissan X-Trail parts, Nissan Terrano parts, Nissan Qashqai parts, and Nissan Navara parts online.

Apart from Nissan 4x4 parts, we also sell aftermarket and original Toyota 4x4 parts, Mitsubishi 4x4 parts, Isuzu 4x4 parts, Daihatsu 4x4 parts, Mazda 4x4 parts, Ford Ranger parts, and Subaru parts online. High-quality Japanese truck parts, like Isuzu truck parts, Hino truck parts, Mitsubishi Fuso truck parts, and Toyota truck parts, are also available on our site. Do check them out!

If you need more information about our Nissan 4x4 parts or any other Japanese 4x4 parts and accessories that we sell, kindly contact us at +44 (0)20 8842 7567 or[email protected].

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FAQ About Nissan Parts & Accessories

Tuesday, 29 March 2016 12:40:46 Europe/London

Nissan is one of the leading Japanese car manufacturers, and people all over love Nissan cars, especially its pickups, because of their supreme performance and low maintenance. Most people who have driven Nissan cars and pickups are often reluctant to drive any other vehicle. People just buy Nissan cars and pickups with their eyes closed.

There are certain people, however, who are ambivalent about Nissan, especially when it is their first buy. It is not only with Nissan, but in fact, when it comes to buying a new car, people are hesitant, no matter the brand. When buying a new car, especially a pickup, there are bound to be many questions that arise, about the parts and accessories. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about the Nissan pickup parts and accessories.

The main thing people want to know is the quality of the Nissan pickup parts, especially Nissan Navara parts. If it is a Nissan pickup, there is very little people will have to worry about as far as the parts are concerned. No matter what the terrain is, gravel, snow, mud, or just a coarse road, the Nissan pickup and its parts function reasonably well. The Nissan pickup and its parts perform optimally in different climatic conditions as well. The Nissan pickup parts are of high quality and robust, and with optimal driving, they last for many years.

Another thing people want to know is how they can procure Nissan pickup parts and accessories. Well, there are many suppliers who sell Nissan parts online. But, there is still a constant worry about whether the suppliers and the Nissan parts they sell can be trusted. Will the Nissan Navara parts be genuine? Will the supplier accept any return or exchange? These questions might bother people who are considering buying a Nissan car. Well, these questions will not be an issue if people procure Nissan parts from a genuine and reputable dealer. There are reputable dealers who supply OEM Nissan 4x4 and Nissan Navara parts online. People just need to find and buy parts from such reputable dealers.

Another question that people have is whether the replacement Nissan parts and accessories are durable and long-lasting. All genuine Nissan parts and accessories carry a Nissan trademark, and they are sure to keep you safe. They are similar to the original parts, and they function like the original parts. The improvement in the performance of the vehicle can be felt almost immediately after the replacement of the worn out or damaged parts with the genuine Nissan parts. Genuine Nissan parts are backed by a replacement warranty, but people will hardly be able to use that warranty because these parts almost never break down.

Nissan produces wonderful cars, pickups and 4x4s. They perform well in different conditions and terrains, and their parts and accessories are resilient and durable. Genuine Nissan parts and accessories are also easily available online.

For genuine Nissan 4x4 parts and Nissan pickup parts, especially Nissan Navara parts, UK Nissan owners go to KS International Ltd. A reputable and largest independent stockiest of Japanese 4x4s, pickups, and trucks parts, KS International Ltd. supplies high-quality, genuine parts throughout the UK and many other parts of the world.

To learn more about KS International Ltd., or to buy Nissan 4x4 parts or Nissan Navara parts, just visit

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Buying 4x4 Parts Online

Thursday, 7 January 2016 06:41:40 Europe/London

4x4 parts are necessary for every 4x4 to ensure the vehicle keeps on running, especially after the breakdown. Before purchasing any 4x4 parts, however, it is vital to know what precise parts you need to get your 4x4 back on the road. Another thing to consider is the price of those 4x4 parts. No matter who fixes your 4x4, it is necessary that the parts are inexpensive, yet of a high quality.

The 4x4 parts, especially the Japanese 4x4 parts, are costly. If you still have a warranty on your vehicle, however, you can easily cover those expenses of part replacements.

Before buying anything for your 4x4, always do some research. When it comes to searching and buying the 4x4 parts, you have two options: go to a local store or visit an online store. Local stores may not have the required parts; hence, visiting online stores will prove to be worthwhile.

At both local and online stores, you can avail aftermarket and original 4x4 parts. While the aftermarket 4x4 parts lack quality, they are affordable. Similarly, original 4x4 parts are of high quality, but they are expensive. If the budget is not the constraint or if it is a vital 4x4 part that needs replacement, then you should always go for the original 4x4 parts. Some online sites also offer discounts on original parts so acquiring them may not prove to be expensive at times.

Some Important 4x4 Parts

As mentioned earlier, before acquiring any 4x4 parts, it is necessary to do some research on the parts. The internet can be your best resource here. Some of the important parts you need to do research on include 4x4 accessories, body panels, axles, suspension parts, steering parts, exhaust, filters, engine electrics, engine parts, heating and cooling parts, clutch, lights, transmission, breaks, and wheels. Vital info on all these 4x4 parts is easily available on several online 4x4 related sites.

While buying the 4x4 parts or accessories, be sure to buy the right one for your vehicle. Fortunately, some reputable 4x4 parts online stores have made the process of selecting the right parts or accessories easy. These online stores let you filter the search for the right 4x4 parts based on:

-          4x4 manufacturers, for instance, Toyota 4x4 parts, Nissan 4x4 parts, etc.

-          4x4 makes, for instance, Toyota Land Cruiser parts, Nissan X-Trail parts, etc.

-          4x4 models, for instance, Toyota Land Cruiser KDJ150 3.0TD parts, Nissan X-Trail YD22DDTI parts, etc.

-          Specific categories, for instance, Toyota Land Cruiser KDJ150 3.0TD Engine parts, axle, filters, etc.

With this search and filter option, you can easily find the right aftermarket or original 4x4 parts for your vehicle.

Is it safe to buy 4x4 parts online?

The simple answer is, yes. Online sites, after all, have a reputation to maintain; hence, they do not do shady business. Of course, some sites may not be ethical. Therefore, for a safe course, search and buy 4x4 parts from a reputable online dealer. How to know whether the dealer is reputable? Well, see how long the dealer has been in business! Check its company info – see whether it has a physical address where you can contact. See how big its inventory is – the bigger the inventory a dealer has, the more reputable it is than others. Finally, see what type of payment the dealer accepts. A reputable 4x4 parts online dealer will accept payment through various secure payment gateways.

Buying 4x4 parts online is also beneficial as you can order your 4x4 parts from the comfort of your home. In addition, you will get the required parts at your door steps. Good discounts are also available when you shop 4x4 parts online. Shopping 4x4 parts online can certainly be your best resort to buying the right parts for your vehicle.

When acquiring 4x4 parts online, UK 4x4 owners rely on KS International Ltd. Largest and most reputable Japanese 4x4 parts dealer in UK, KS International Ltd. supplies genuine and aftermarket Nissan 4x4 parts, Toyota 4x4 parts, Mitsubishi 4x4 parts, Isuzu 4x4 parts, and Mazda 4x4 parts. KS International Ltd. also supplies genuine Daihatsu and Subaru parts in UK and other parts of the world.

For more information on KS International Ltd., visit

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What Tools & 4x4 Parts to Take on an Off-Road Adventure?

Tuesday, 17 November 2015 06:41:01 Europe/London


Do you own a 4x4? Are you planning an off-road adventure? It is vital that you carry certain tools and 4x4 parts on your trip.

Deciding what tools and 4x4 parts to take depends on various factors, like where you are going, with whom you are going (solo or group), for how long you are going, etc. If it is a day trip nearby, the tools and 4x4 parts required will be minimum. For a long distance trip, however, the requirement will be more. Anything can breakdown and the parts may not be available. For that reason, carrying extra might come in handy.

A common problem with long distance trips is overloading the ride. Overloading can damage the suspension. It would be fortunate to have a spare absorber, along with a spare spring, axle, bush kit, and so on. Overloading the 4x4 in many cases can cause damage to other components as well. Therefore, for long trips, ensure not to overload your 4x4.

While going on an off-road adventure, the “common sense” approach is essential. If your 4x4 is getting old, then chances are more components and parts are near the end of their lives. This will require you to carry more 4x4 parts; however, remember what was mentioned a while ago: do not overload your 4x4!

So here is the thing. Always carry the generic tools and parts. For instance, a radiator hose is susceptible to damage during an off-road adventure, but it does not mean you carry every type of hose your 4x4 has; instead, it will be sufficient to carry a multi-fit radiator hose and a small roll of a rubber weld tape. It will fix the problem and will not occupy much space.

Another example is a belt. It is vital to carry an extra fan belt for keeping the engine running and you moving. However, you can forsake carrying an extra air-conditioner belt. You will not stop if the air-conditioner of your 4x4 gives up… right? Of course, it also depends upon the places where you are going. If you are going to a hot outback, you will require carrying an extra air-conditioning belt.

Carrying the right tools is another vital issue. You do not need to carry enough tools to perform an engine overhaul in the middle of nowhere. What you need to carry, however, is certain specialty tools that would help you replace whatever 4x4 parts you are carrying. Therefore, carrying which tools, in a way, depends upon the 4x4 parts that you will be carrying. Of course, carrying your 4x4’s standard toolkit, along with universal, multi-purpose wrenches is mandatory.

Overall, it will be in your best interest to consider all the components that you think will stop your 4x4 if they fail. As simple as a blocked fuel filter can stop a vehicle. Therefore, before heading out to some remote location, determine what 4x4 parts you will need. Inspecting your vehicle will help you determine what parts you may need. Carry the necessary 4x4 parts, but ensure not to overload the vehicle. It will be best if you go out in a group. That way, you will be able to carry more parts, different 4x4 parts. Not to forget, the additional help you get from the group is a value-added benefit.

In order to enjoy your 4x4 off-road adventure thoroughly, always be prepared. Strangled in the middle of some wilderness is no fun. Along with the tools and parts, carrying essentials like food, water, GPS, cell phone, fuel, etc. is important. If you are completely prepared, off-roading is pure fun.

For genuine 4x4 parts, UK off-road enthusiasts can rely on KS International Limited ( One of the largest stockists of 4x4 parts in UK, they supply OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts for Isuzu 4x4s, Mitsubishi 4x4s, Nissan 4x4s, Toyota 4x4s, Mazda 4x4s, and Ford 4x4s. Aside from Japanese 4x4 parts, they also trade Japanese pickups and Japanese truck parts, especially Isuzu truck parts. KS International Ltd. also has excellent logistics in place to cater to orders in a fast and efficient manner.

Head over to their website to learn more about Japanese 4x4 parts and accessories.

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Have a Pleasant Off-Road Adventure by Carrying Along a Few 4x4 Parts

Tuesday, 29 September 2015 12:12:18 Europe/London

If you love off-road adventures, then you will be pleased to know that there are lots of 4x4 parts and accessories available for your vehicle. Whether you need Nissan 4x4 parts, Toyota 4x4 parts, Mitsubishi 4x4 parts, Mazda 4x4 parts or any other 4x4 manufacturer’s parts, you can easily get them all from online stores. It is always a good idea to be prepared when you are about to go out on an off-road adventure. Fortunately, lots of Japanese 4x4 parts are effortlessly available and that too at affordable rates.

Some 4x4 parts and accessories are a must-have, especially when you think about going to an unknown terrain. What if you are stuck in the middle of nowhere just because of a short glow plug or a punctured hosepipe? If you already have a spare glow plug or a hosepipe, you can change it easily by yourself and continue your off-road fun. For that reason, it is wise to be fully equipped while you are on an excursion. Always carry easy-to-change or replace 4x4 parts on your trip. If you happen to be an expert 4x4 mechanic, who if required can perform complex repairs, then carrying 4x4 engine parts, suspension parts, transmission parts, steering parts, electrical parts, heating and cooling parts, body parts, and so on, can be very handy.

With extra 4x4 parts and accessories, you can even help out your fellow 4x4 buddies and show the spirit of true off-road sportsmanship. If you help someone in need now, who know when someone will help you out when you are stuck and in need of assistance?

When you decide to stock some 4x4 parts, whether they are Mitsubishi 4x4 parts, Nissan 4x4 parts, Toyota 4x4 parts or any other 4x4 manufacturer’s parts, be sure to buy only the genuine parts. Needless to say, genuine 4x4 parts are of high quality, and they will not break down immediately when swapped them with the old ones. Besides, genuine 4x4 parts are covered by warranty so you will have a peace of mind when it comes to replacement of those parts due to any circumstance.

Aside from the aforementioned parts, there are several 4x4 parts and accessories that help improve the overall performance of your vehicle. For instance, check out a 4x4 load-helper kit; it not only raises the height, but it also improves the payload capacity and manoeuvrability of your 4x4 vehicle. Locking hubs or free wheeling hubs is another example of 4x4 parts that facilitate towards the performance improvement of your 4x4 vehicle. These locking hubs manually disconnect the front wheels of your 4x4 from the front half-axle. It results in a better grip in some terrains where traction is limited.

Along with OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) standard replacement parts, 4x4 engine upgrade parts, body customisation parts, and many different types of performance parts are available today. Be sure to stock them before you head out on your off-road adventure. Also, ensure to purchase genuine parts, which are sturdy and long lasting.

If you cannot find the right parts for a particular Japanese 4x4 make and model, then head over to KS International Limited’s website They are the largest stockist of Japanese 4x4 parts in the UK. Shop for the 4x4 parts you want online, and they will deliver them to you in a fast and efficient manner.

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Make your Nissan 4x4 trip Memorable

Wednesday, 29 July 2015 09:29:23 Europe/London

Are you thinking of going on an off-road adventure this weekend in your precious Nissan 4x4? If so, be sure that your vehicle is ready and capable of that rough off-road travel. Keep in mind, unanticipated things can happen on the road, especially on the rough terrain. Therefore, before you hit the road, ensure that your Nissan 4x4 is in good shape. You wouldn’t want to be stranded helplessly on the road; would you? So better take note of these tips, which may prove to be helpful for off-road travelling.

First thing first, perform a visual inspection of your Nissan 4x4, both from inside and from outside, and of course, the underside as well. Make sure that all the Nissan 4x4 parts are good enough for the tough drive. What are these Nissan 4x4 parts? Well, there are axels, brakes, engine, exhaust, suspensions, headlights, radiator, steering assembly, oil, oil filters, air filters, and yes, the body or frame of the 4x4. Check that oil is at an adequate level, filters are clean, headlights are working, and there is no weird noise coming from any parts of your Nissan 4x4.

Nissan 4x4 Parts & Accessories

Once you are done with the visual inspection, and think everything is all right, it is time to collect your tools. Collect all the necessary tools and put it in your vehicle’s toolbox. Remember, necessary tools only, or else, needless tools will simply add extra weight to your vehicle. Anyway, these tools will prove to be helpful in case something breaks when you are on the road. They will help you repair or replace the broken parts easily.

After collecting all the necessary tools, it is time to ready your personal things. Aside from packing extra clothes, do not forget to pack ropes, cell phone, candles, lighter, compass, flashlight, first aid kit, and some food. You do not want to be stuck on the road with nothing in your 4x4 to eat – right? For that reason, it is better to pack some food as well.

Now, it is time to stock up some extras. Extra Nissan 4x4 parts, extra ropes, extra flashlights and extra first aid kits. Make sure not to collect too many extras. Try to anticipate the things you may need, the Nissan 4x4 parts you may require. Sometimes, you will not get the Nissan 4x4 parts you may require during your off-roading adventure. If you have one during your trip, you will save a lot of trouble to yourself. Overall, these extras are worth considering.

Finally, do not forget to have some fun. Get your pals to join you in your off-roading adventure. There is nothing more exciting than having friends around to share some off-roading fun.

With your dependable Nissan 4x4, along with the above traveling tips, you are ready for a memorable off-road adventure.

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