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Always Use Genuine Subaru Parts

Monday, 25 July 2016 11:08:37 Europe/London

With original Subaru parts, Subaru owners can ensure that their ride performs precisely the way they want. Genuine Subaru parts and accessories are designed specifically to handle the climatic and physical stress on the vehicle. Therefore, to ensure top performance and original beauty of your Subaru, buy and install only the genuine Subaru parts or accessories.

Most Subaru cars feature a boxer or flat engine. This engine is a high-performance machine that delivers exceptional output. As it is a flat engine, a horizontally-opposed, it assists in creating exceptional power and control, enhancing the fuel economy and performance. In order to ensure that the engine retains its performance, it is necessary to use original Subaru parts when required. Aftermarket Subaru parts, on the other hand, will deteriorate the performance as well as the fuel economy of the vehicle.

Aftermarket Subaru parts may seem economical at first, but in the long run, it can cost you more money. Aftermarket Subaru parts do not have the superior quality like the genuine Subaru parts have. In fact, such aftermarket parts have a shorter lifespan, due to which frequent replacements become necessary. These frequent replacements mean that in the long term, you will end up paying more for both the parts and the labour to install those parts.

Original Subaru parts are designed and made specifically for your vehicle by Subaru or Subaru’s trusted OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) partner. By replacing worn or damaged parts with genuine Subaru parts, you will immediately notice the improvement in your vehicle’s performance. Even small Subaru replacement parts, like filters, are designed to fit your specific model perfectly.

Speaking of small replacement parts, such as filters or brake pads, you can be tempted to go for aftermarket parts in order to save some money. Remember, however, that even a small replacement can have a big impact on your vehicle. For instance, an inferior-quality, aftermarket air filter can get torn abruptly and let the dust, dirt, and debris enter your engine, causing a drop in performance or even damage to the internal component. The cost of rebuilding an engine is, of course, substantial. Therefore, avoid such a heartache by replacing, even the small parts, with the genuine parts in the first place. There is no need to compromise the efficiency and effectiveness of your Subaru just to save some money by buying sub-standard parts.

If you care about maintaining optimal performance for your Subaru, then you should always consider using original Subaru parts. Genuine Subaru parts go through numerous quality checks. They fit properly, last longer, do not detriment the performance, and are backed by a warranty. There is no reason why you should not buy original Subaru parts.

Need original Subaru parts? For genuine Subaru parts, UK Subaru car owners go to KS International Ltd. Largest independent stockist, of genuine parts and accessories for Japanese vehicles, in the UK, KS International Ltd. sells a wide range of Subaru Legacy parts, Subaru Forester parts, and Subaru Impreza parts online. They also provide international delivery, so whether you need Subaru parts in Sweden or Norway or USA or Germany or anywhere else, KS International Ltd. can deliver your parts in a fast and efficient manner.

Aside from Subaru parts, particularly Subaru Impreza parts, Subaru Legacy parts, and Subaru Forester parts, KS International Ltd. also sells genuine Toyota 4x4 parts, Mitsubishi 4x4 parts, Daihatsu 4x4 parts, Mazda 4x4 parts, Nissan Navara parts, Isuzu Dmax parts, and even Ford Ranger parts online.

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OEM Subaru Parts & Aftermarket Subaru Parts – What to Choose?

Monday, 20 June 2016 10:12:59 Europe/London

Did you know that there are both OEM (original equipment manufacturer) Subaru parts and accessories and aftermarket Subaru parts and accessories are available for your Subaru car? Whether you own an Impreza, Forester, Legacy, or any other Subaru model, you will be able to find the right replacement Subaru parts and accessories for your ride.

Since both OEM Subaru parts and accessories and aftermarket Subaru parts and accessories are available on the market, the question arises: whether to go for OEM parts and accessories or aftermarket parts and accessories? Before we answer the question, let us first explain what are OEM parts and accessories and what are aftermarket parts and accessories.

OEM Parts & Accessories

OEM parts and accessories are those which are manufactured by a company (OEM company) specifically for an automotive company; in our case, for Subaru. Despite being a manufacturer itself, most automobile companies, whether it is Japanese automobile companies, German automobile companies, American automobile companies, or Italian automobile companies, partner with other OEM companies that can produce certain parts, like headlights, meters, seats, spark plugs, fuel injectors, etc., on their behalf. Automobile manufacturers themselves do not have the specialisation to manufacture all the parts for their vehicles. For that reason, they contract with OEM companies that can manufacture most of the car parts, which can be fitted in the vehicle by the auto manufacturer.

Partnering with OEM companies that can make and supply the parts also proves to be economical for the automobile manufacturer. These OEM companies exclusively supply parts to a particular automobile manufacturer and, in most cases, do not retail the parts. An automobile manufacturer, on the other hand, trusts the parts it receives from the OEM companies and provides a guarantee on those parts.

Aftermarket Parts & Accessories

Aftermarket parts and accessories are those which may or may not be manufactured by an OEM company. OEM companies that manufacture and supply parts to automobile companies may sometimes sell the parts directly in the market. In this case, despite using the same parts with the same quality, the automobile manufacturer will not provide any guarantee on those parts. After all, such parts are not installed under the supervision of the automobile manufacturer.

Other companies, other than OEM companies, also manufacture parts and accessories, which are identical to the OEM parts and accessories, but lack quality and precision. Such parts often lack a guarantee, and they sometimes cause undesirable results. The performance of the vehicle can be increased with aftermarket parts, but again, there are possibilities of undesirable results. Aftermarket parts and accessories are best suited to change the aesthetics or to customise the look of the vehicle, but not for the performance.

What to Choose: Aftermarket Subaru Parts or OEM Subaru Parts?

When it comes to the replacement of Subaru parts, the first preference should be OEM Subaru parts. OEM Subaru parts do not hamper the performance and safety of your Subaru car. They are of good quality and last long. Installing OEM Subaru parts will not revoke your car’s warranty and, in case, they break, they will be replaced free of cost because of the guarantee.

If you want to customise your Subaru or alter the performance of your car, you can choose aftermarket Subaru parts and accessories. They are quite affordable. Be careful, however, as installing aftermarket parts and accessories may cause undesirable results, and they will certainly revoke your car’s warranty. Besides, there is no guarantee on such parts so, in the case of replacement, it will cost you.

To conclude, it will be in your best interest to always buy OEM Subaru parts and accessories. Although Subaru does not actually manufacture those parts and accessories, the company trusts and provides a guarantee on OEM Subaru parts and accessories.

Do you need OEM or aftermarket Subaru parts and accessories? Visit KS International Ltd. Based in the Ruislip, Middlesex, KS International Ltd. sells a wide range of OEM and aftermarket Subaru Forester, Subaru Legacy, and Subaru Impreza parts online. They have an excellent worldwide delivery facility available. So, whether you need Subaru parts in Norway or in Sweden or anywhere else, KS International Ltd. will deliver them in the fast and efficient manner.

Along with Subaru parts, KS International Ltd. also supplies OEM and aftermarket parts for various Japanese 4x4s and pickups, like Toyota 4x4, Nissan 4x4, Mitsubishi 4x4, Isuzu 4x4, Mazda 4x4, and Daihatsu 4x4. They also sell Isuzu truck parts, Hino truck parts as well as Mitsubishi Fuso truck parts.

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How to Buy Genuine Subaru Parts

Tuesday, 19 April 2016 10:27:48 Europe/London

Have you ever come into contact with counterfeit goods or products? While the fake sunglasses or perhaps, bogus shoes or a phony wristwatch might not cause much of harm, certain counterfeit goods or products can surely create a mess. For instance, Subaru parts. Counterfeit Subaru parts can create many problems, both small and large, that can detriment the performance or even damage your car. Fake Subaru parts can even endanger your life!

The charlatans these days are more technologically savvy; hence, they bring lots of sham Subaru parts into the market and sell them as genuine Subaru parts. These inferior-quality Subaru parts, ranging from filters stuffed with papers, to brake pads filled with sawdust, do not function as efficiently as original Subaru parts.

Since the fake parts look just like the originals, it is difficult, even for the expert mechanics, to distinguish the difference between the two without taking the individual part physically apart to inspect the inside. This is, of course, time-consuming, and not to forget, it can sometimes ruin the part.

As a responsible Subaru owner, it is recommended to always procure genuine Subaru car parts, and fortunately, there are ways of acquiring genuine Subaru parts. Here is what you can do when purchasing OEM Subaru parts and accessories to ensure your purchases are authentic:

If it sounds too good to be true, then there is something amiss. It is definitely possible to find affordable OEM Subaru parts online. If you, however, see the prices of the Subaru parts that are ridiculously below the normal prices, there is a good chance that those parts are fake.

Always go to a reputed Subaru car parts supplier. Procuring parts from a random supplier, especially in China, is absolutely riskier than buying parts from an eminent Subaru parts supplier with a long history of selling original Subaru parts. Find the dealers on Google, who have a proven track record for selling high-quality, OEM Subaru parts.

Carefully see the packaging of the ordered Subaru parts. Fakers or counterfeiters are always busy making their fake parts look as authentic as possible. They never pay close attention to the packaging. When you get your Subaru car parts, closely inspect the packaging for strange colours, poor construction, sub-standard packing material, and anything that may seem odd.

Contact Subaru if you have any doubt. If you think you have been sold a phony part, contact Subaru and tell them your concerns. Subaru has a huge interest in catching charlatans and maintaining its brand image. Subaru will be more than happy to help.

The threat of counterfeit Subaru parts is growing; hence, it is very important to take careful steps in order to acquire genuine Subaru parts. It is difficult to identify the fake parts, but with the above instruction and some common sense, you can certainly procure original Subaru parts for your precious Subaru car.

When in need of genuine Subaru parts, UK Subaru car owners go to KS International Ltd. A leading and reputed Japanese 4x4, pickup and truck parts supplier in the UK, KS International Ltd. stocks and supplies OEM parts for Subaru Impreza, Subaru Legacy, and Subaru Forester.

Aside from genuine Subaru parts, KS International Ltd. also supplies OEM Toyota 4x4 parts, Nissan 4x4 parts, Mazda 4x4 parts, Mitsubishi 4x4 parts, Isuzu 4x4 parts, and even Ford Ranger parts.

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Always Insist on Buying Genuine Subaru Parts

Monday, 14 March 2016 08:27:40 Europe/London

Your Subaru car, whether it is an Impreza, Legacy, or Forester, is not an average car. It is, in fact, a high-performance vehicle. And for a high-performance vehicle, what you need is a great service. When you take your Subaru to maintenance or routine service, tell the dealer to use only the genuine Subaru parts, if required. There are no replacements for the genuine Subaru parts.

With the genuine Subaru parts, you can retain the supreme performance of your ride for many years to come. These Subaru parts are designed and made to handle any kind of physical and climatic duress. Therefore, when any need arises to replace the parts, ensure to get the parts replaced with genuine parts. Failing to do so, that is, replacing the required parts with unoriginal parts will compromise the performance of your Subaru.

Subaru has a tradition of utilizing boxer engines in its cars. These boxer engines, in contrast to straight engines and V engines, deliver supreme performance and fuel economy. The boxer engine also contributes toward the vibration and handling of the vehicle! Because of the boxer engine, Subaru cars are smooth to ride and sharp to handle on different terrains. Such a wonderful engine, when required, demands high-quality replacement parts. Else, it compromises the performance, fuel economy, and control of the car. So, when in need of engine parts, always get genuine Subaru engine parts.

Getting aftermarket  will not be a wise decision. Let us explain in simple words what aftermarket parts are. Aftermarket parts are those parts that are manufactured and distributed by industries other than the original equipment manufacturer or company to which your vehicle belongs. The aim of the aftermarket parts’ manufacturers is to manufacture automotive parts that can act as a replacement for the original parts.

Aftermarket parts are certainly cheaper than the original or OEM parts. They, however, lack quality and precision. These aftermarket parts may just function like the original parts, but they may be difficult to fit in place of the original parts due to a slight difference in their dimensions. Furthermore, due to lack of quality, these aftermarket parts may fail to function at any time. You would not want to risk such a failure of any parts, especially when you are driving. Therefore, always insist on genuine parts over aftermarket parts.

Genuine Subaru parts are high quality and made by the original manufacturer with precise specifications. They fit perfectly and work exceptionally well. Just drive the car with the genuine Subaru replacement parts, and you will understand that your vehicle is still a joy to drive.

For genuine Subaru parts, UK Subaru owners rely on KS International Ltd. The largest independent stockist of Japanese 4x4 parts and accessories in the UK, KS International Ltd. supplies genuine Subaru parts for Impreza, Forester, and Legacy.

Aside from Subaru parts, KS International Ltd. also supplies genuine Isuzu truck parts, Hino truck parts, Mitsubishi Canter / Fuso truck parts, as well as Toyota 4x4 parts, Nissan 4x4 parts, Mitsubishi 4x4 parts, Mazda 4x4 parts, and Ford Ranger parts. KS International Ltd. has good logistics in place, so no matter where you are, whichever Japanese 4x4 parts and accessories you need, it will ensure to supply it at your doorstep.

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Always Demand Genuine Subaru Parts

Friday, 26 February 2016 11:05:35 Europe/London

Subaru cars are no ordinary cars – they are high-performance cars. Therefore, performance cars need performance replacement parts to ensure that the performance of the car is maintained. When any part or accessory of your Subaru car is worn out or damaged, always insist on replacing it with a genuine Subaru part. Getting genuine Subaru parts is the best thing you can do for your vehicle.

No matter the destination, with high-performance Subaru parts, you can enjoy your every ride to the fullest. The genuine parts are designed to handle any kind of duress, be it physical or climatic. Therefore, whenever any parts that need replacement, replace them with high-performance genuine parts and do not compromise the performance of your vehicle.

Most Subaru cars have a boxer engine, a flat laying engine, that delivers an impressive amount of power. The flat laying engine layout also factors toward the better balance and fuel economy of the Subaru vehicles. Now, you would not want to give up the exceptional power, balance and fuel economy of your Subaru car with inferior Subaru parts…right? For that reason, it is always in your best interest to go for genuine Subaru parts.


Aftermarket Subaru parts are available on the market, but it is not prudent to seek them. If you do not know the concept of aftermarket parts, let us explain it to you. Aftermarket parts are the car parts manufactured and supplied by manufacturers other than the original equipment manufacturing (OEM) company to which your vehicle belongs. For aftermarket parts manufacturing companies, the goal is to make parts that can act as a replacement of the genuine parts of your vehicle.

Aftermarket Subaru parts are, of course, cheaper than the original Subaru parts. And the reason for this is the quality and precision of the parts. Aftermarket parts often lack in quality. If not in quality, the aftermarket parts certainly lack in precision. After all, they are not made by the original car manufacturer, where quality and precision are of utmost importance. Genuine Subaru parts or OEM Subaru parts go through severe quality checks; aftermarket Subaru parts do not go through severe quality checks. For these reasons, there is a whole lot of difference between genuine or OEM Subaru parts and aftermarket parts.

It will be seemingly evident about the reduced performance when you drive your car after you get the replacement done with aftermarket parts. Aftermarket parts are not entirely bad, but when money is not the constraint, it is advised to install only genuine parts. Genuine parts are of high quality, perform well, and often last longer than aftermarket parts.

If you are searching for genuine Subaru parts in UK, KS International Ltd. is the right place to look. Largest independent stockist in the UK, KS International Ltd. supplies genuine parts for various Japanese vehicles, including Subaru, Toyota, Mitsubishi, Isuzu, Nissan, Mazda, and Daihatsu. Whether you need genuine Subaru parts, genuine Isuzu parts, genuine Mitsubishi parts, genuine Toyota parts, or any other genuine Japanese vehicle parts, KS International Ltd. has it.

To browse and shop genuine parts for your Japanese 4x4, pickup or truck, just visit

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Genuine Subaru Parts – To Maintain Superior Performance

Monday, 25 January 2016 06:27:16 Europe/London

Whether it is Impreza, Legacy or Forester, every Subaru car is a performance car. Equipped with its traditional boxer engine and featuring all-wheel-drive, every Subaru car is a joy to ride.

Subaru is a Japanese automobile manufacturer and a division of Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd. While Subaru is not as large as other Japanese automobile manufacturers, like Toyota, Mitsubishi, Isuzu and Nissan, it still produces some of the best cars, including rally-inspired Impreza models, which are fun to drive. The power of Subaru cars is remarkable, and their fuel economy is exceptional. Subaru cars are environment-friendly too as they emit significantly lower emissions. In fact, Subaru also offers PZEV (Partially Zero Emission Vehicle) certified Impreza, Legacy and Forester models that have zero evaporative emissions! Overall, Subaru cars are impressive cars, and owning one or several Subaru is not a bad idea at all.

Subaru cars are low maintenance cars, but they do require maintenance from time to time, like any other manufacturer’s cars, in order to maintain their supreme performance. After all, they are machines, and machines are often subject to common wear and damage. Anything can happen like air filters clog up due to dust and pollution in the air; oil viscosity dilutes due to constant the heat and stress; brakes wear out because of constant use; parts damage or break because of common wear, accident, or other factors. When the situation calls, these parts and accessories need to be replaced to ensure the car is in good driving condition. Fortunately, original Subaru parts and accessories are available on the market today.

A wide variety of genuine Subaru parts and accessories is available online as well as in many local stores. These include Subaru body panels, filters, brakes, exhaust parts, engine parts, transmission parts, engine electrical parts, cooling and heating parts, clutch parts, steering parts, suspension parts, and axle parts to name a few. Of course, aftermarket Subaru parts are also available on the market, but when it comes to the replacement, especially replacement of any critical component, one should always prefer original Subaru parts. The aftermarket Subaru parts do lack in quality while original Subaru parts never lack in quality. For that reason, aftermarket Subaru parts are cheaper than original Subaru parts. With an inferior quality, aftermarket parts may give up or break at any time. Original parts, on the other hand, will last longer, and will not cease working abruptly.

When in need for original Subaru parts, whether Subaru Legacy parts, Subaru Forester parts or Subaru Impreza parts, UK Subaru owners rely on KS International Ltd. Largest stockist and supplier in the UK, KS International Ltd. deals in a wide range of original Japanese 4x4 parts and accessories. KS International Ltd. not only supplies Subaru parts in the UK. It supplies Subaru parts to many other parts of the world as well.

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